The Digital Lending Market in India: A Promising Future by 2030
Digital Lending Market in India Set for Exponential Growth By 2023

Written by Raghu Rao

The Director of Content & Strategy, who covers how fintech is transforming and disrupting the financial industry in India. Also writes about digital financial services, sustainable finance and fintech market outlook.
Published on 27/07/2023

The Digital Lending Market in India: A Promising Future by 2030

Digital Lending Market in India

India’s digital lending industry is on an expansive growth trajectory. A recent report states that the digital lending market is positioned to grow to a massive $515 billion by 2030. This shows that the fintech lending sector is witnessing consistent growth and a very positive future. Emerging digital lending companies in India have shown this by posting a CAGR 39.5% growth over a span of 10 years.

The digital lending space in India has received an investment of over $1 billion in recent times and majority of the activity in this sector has been around P2P lending, SME financing, short term credit and of course a phenomenal upward movement of the BNPL domain, mainly thanks for the dominance of ecommerce. BNPL has grown due to the collaboration of ecommerce and lenders who are banking on consumers appetite for shopping.

Apart from these essential factors for growth, digital lending in India has grown partly due to consumer data accessibility and the ease with which targeted loans are being offered. Also, digital lending space has better margins compared to any other fintech model. Experts also envision that co-lending will emerge as a newer model in coming years to balance the risk factor.

So, based on current trends, digital lending in India has a bright future and will compound due to the co- lending model, which will facilitate credit flow and help boost growth and profits and will also help in enhancing customer experience and overall integration of technology.

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