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Conference Overview

Technology has become an indispensable entity in the financial sector creating new opportunities to local talent and contribute to India’s financial landscape. India has the highest FinTech adoption rate of 87% as against the global average of 64% which is mainly contributed by the age group of 25 and 44 being the highest adopters of FinTechs at a staggering 94%.Also India’s total fintech opportunity is expected to reach around $1.3 Tn by 2025, growing 220% from the current market size of $584 Bn.

To contribute to this widespread growth, authorities are adapting to the latest technical and regulatory framework, creating a holistic environment for investments in Fintech. The banking and Financial service and Insurance sector, in the last few years has witnessed drastic changes owing to high competition, evolving customer expectations, newer regulatory compliances, and more.

With the pandemic, consumer behavior shifted drastically, driving many financial institutions to relook and redefine their customer experiences to thrive under the unprecedented circumstances. The summit is designed to host senior professionals from Government regulatory authorities, Banks, Insurance Companies, Brokers, Bancassurance, and Fintech Companies to discuss their strategies for Digital Transformation.

Event will address the key challenges in the financial sector and counter it with innovative technologies by bringing on board expert speakers from across the industry who will share the global best practices through case study presentations, panel discussions, Round tables, workshops, Start-up incubators and much more. The event is structured to equip attendees with the appropriate strategies to be implemented in their respective organizations and perform proactively in order to stay on top of their business.

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